Dr. Nicolaas van As, Family Physician Become a Patient Virtual Appointments

519 813 9196


Meet Dr. Nicolaas van As 

In uncertain times a familiar face and caring physician can provide the reassurance you need!
Dr. Nic van As has worked at Bluewater Health in the Emergency Department for over 16 years and provided temporary coverage for many local family physicians.  He understands our community and the people that make up this region!

Dr. van As is currently Accepting New Patients!

All potential patients must complete the New Patient Application Form. 

Visit Become A Patient for information on becoming a patient.

Find his office.

The temporary office is located at

348 Lyndoch Street, Second Floor
Corunna, Ontario, N0N 1G0

Office hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30AM-4:00PM 
Phone: 519-813-9196

Please note: Due to COVID-19, the office telephones are answered between 9am and 3pm. 

Virtual Appointments.

Due to COVID-19, the office is not open for walk-ins. There will be an increased number of virtual appointments, including an Initial Virtual Consultation. 

A virtual link will be provided at the time of booking virtual appointments.

Going forward, virtual appointments will be offered when appropriate.

In Office Appointments

Prior to every in office appointment please download and complete the COVID-19 Screener. If you answered "Yes" to ANY of the questions or have ANY of the mentioned symptoms DO NOT come to the office. Please call the office for further instructions.
Arrive At Your Scheduled Time

Please do not arrive early to your appointment. Please follow directions on the office door.

Present Your COVID-19 Screener

Please present your signed and completed Screener to office staff. 

Wear Your Mask

Please wear a mask and sanitize your hands upon arrival.