The Office of Dr van As

office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday

0900 - 1230 & 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm  

(Lunch closure 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm)

If you are experiencing an emergency, Please go to your nearest E.R. or dial 911
If you are needing urgent care outside of office hours, please utilize our Access to Care Clinic, located at 481 London Rd. Sarnia

**** New ****

The office is now offering Prevnar 20, Shingles and the Flu Vaccine. Please call the office for more information and to book your time

Phones are answered

9:00am-12:30 pm


1:30pm - 330pm

The Phone lines are the busiest part of our office. We are answering them to the best of our abilities and we ask for your patience when calling. If we don't answer, please try again later. Please don't call multiple times in a row. This jams up the phone lines and makes it hard for anyone to get through. 

Wait Times

There may be days where the office is busy and appointments run behind.

Please keep this in mind when booking and attending appointments. 

Leaving without being seen will be counted as a No Show and a non -  negotiable  fee will be charged. 

No Excuse for Abuse

Mutual Respect is the cornerstone to any therapeutic Dr. / patient relationship. This is also important to extend this respect to office staff as well.
Verbal, emotional, physical or any other forms of Abuse / disrespect WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
Failure to adhere to this policy may result in Dismissal from the office 
Dr. Nicolaas van As, Family Practice

T: 519 813 9196
F: 519 491 5272  


Not mandatory

but appreciated

DMI Professional Building

126 - 704 Mara Street

Point Edward, ON     

N7V 1X4

 Dr. Nicolaas van As

Dr. van As has worked at Bluewater Health in the Emergency Department for over 16 years and provided temporary coverage for many local family physicians. He understands our community and the people that make up this region!

Appointment Information

When you book an appointment, the responsibility to remember and attend this appointment lies solely with the patient. 

Missed Appointments

 Any appointment missed without 24hrs notice will be subject to a fee required to be paid prior to booking any other appointments or renewing any prescriptions.

Late Cancellations 

Any appointment cancelled without 24hrs notice will be subject to a fee required to be paid prior to booking any other appointments or renewing any prescriptions.

       Appointment Options

We offer a variety of appointment options: 

In person - Face to Face with the Dr. these appointments are important if new issues arise, change in current condition, Diabetic / Opioid and Well Baby / Pregnancy 

Phone Call - These are perfect for Lab results, Scans, med questions, New med review, ect. 

Virtual - These appointments are usually booked for Initial Consults, Some Follow up review, ect. 

The Office Staff will triage appointment reasons and book appropriately. 

       Important information

  1. Paperwork needs booked appointments to start the process. Bring the forms with you at this appointment. Make sure patient portion of the form is completed prior to appointment.  Paperwork will not be completed that day as there is a lot that goes into filling them out. Please allow yourself plenty of time (to meet any deadlines) when booking an appointment. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated

  2. Appointment times are for the booked patient only. Please do not bring in family members to "piggyback" the time slot. We are a busy office and appointments are booked based on concern presented in phone call. Please be respectful of the time given  and the other patients that will be affected if this happens

Find Our Office

Paid parking available. $2 / visit (this fee is not charged by the office - any concerns need to be addressed with the Building owners. Their office is located at the front entrance of the building)

Street Parking is an option, if spots are available. 

126 - 704 Mara St. 
Point Edward, ON  N7V 1X4 

T: 519 813 9196
F: 519 491 5272