Dr. Nicolaas van As, Family Physician

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Meet Dr. Nicolaas van As 

In uncertain times a familiar face and caring physician can provide the reassurance you need!
Dr. van As has worked at Bluewater Health in the Emergency Department for over 16 years and provided temporary coverage for many local family physicians.  He understands our community and the people that make up this region!

Appointment Information

Appointment instructions are sent by email at the time of booking. Patients are responsible to ensure information is received to ensure you can attend your appointment appropriately.

Missed Appointments

24 hours notice is required to cancel appointments. Missed appointments will be subject to a fee required to be paid prior to booking any other appointments or renewing any prescriptions.

New Patient Applications

Dr. van As has temporarily stopped accepting new patients.

Once the office resumes accepting, this space and our Facebook page will be updated.

Important Notice!

Our Facebook page is the best place to find the most current information about all the ins and outs of the practice.

COVID-19 Bulletin Board

Due to current pandemic restrictions, the office will offer more virtual appointments where appropriate.

All Initial Consultation appointments are being done virtually until further notice.

Check back for vaccine information

COVID-19 Resources

Navigating this pandemic is challenging for everyone. Your health and wellness is our top priority. Our health care community has come together to create various safe resources if you are concerned you may have COVID-19 or experience any upper respiratory symptoms.
Testing Centres

COVID-19 testing by appointment is available at various sites in our community.

  • Twin Bridges NP Led Clinic

  • COVID Testing & Respiratory Assessment Centre

  • Pharmacies - please call your preferred pharmacy directly to inquire

Upper Respiratory Symptoms?

Telephone the COVID Testing & Respiratory Assessment Centre to schedule an appointment with the evening physician led clinic.


Walk-ins are not accepted.

Medical Care After Hours

If you are in need of non-urgent medical care outside of office hours, please telephone the Access to Care Centre.


Walk-ins are not accepted.

Find Our Office

Dr. van As is temporarily located in a shared office with Dr. Borek and Dr. Clifford.

348 Lyndoch St.  Second Floor
Corunna, ON   N0N 1G0

519 813 9196

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