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Prescription Renewal Information

Prescriptions will not be renewed over the phone or by email. Ensure you never run out or have a lapse in medication by requesting your renewals 5 - 7 business days prior to needing them. Update the office if your pharmacy preferences change.

Regular Prescription Renewals

Medication Renewal should be done at appointments. Failure to do so may result in a renewal fee. Limited renewal amount will be initiated if you have not been seen in office within a 12 month period. Please call to book if this is the case

Phone call related to medication renewal status will not be entertained by office staff unless the 7 business days have passed. 

Last minute refill request will not be done. Exceptions can be made depending on the situation. Office discretion will apply

Opioid Prescription Renewals

Opioid prescriptions will be renewed every 3 months, at your routine visit, and will be dispensed by the pharmacy every month.

Early Renewal will not be done, for any reason. Medication Security is the Sole responsibility of the patient.

Expired Prescriptions

Medications that our office has never prescribed, that are typically prescribed by another Doctor or expired, will not be filled via pharmacy request. Please call the office with these requests